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SPAN runs multiple programs and projects that support youth, young adults, families, and caregivers to be advocates and leaders in their communities. Our services include informative materials, webinars, in-person and online trainings, conferences, one-on-one assistance, and much more. We also offer information, resources, and support to professionals, policymakers, and other Parent Centers like ours throughout the United States and US Territories.


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SPAN Library of Resources |  This is a link listing all of our resources available, ranging from Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) to Evaluations.

Health Advocacy Toolkit  |  This three-part video series provides information and tools for families of and individuals with developmental disabilities so they can access health insurance/health coverage and healthcare. Information is broken down as: (1) health insurance and healthcare financing, (2) partnerships, advocacy, appeals, and resources, and (3) healthcare transition to adulthood.

SPAN Fact Sheets  |  These focused documents provide information on a variety of topics related to special education and the rights of children with disabilities and their families. Available in several languages.

NJ Department of Human Services: New Jersey Resources, 2019–2020  |  This comprehensive resource from the state of New Jersey, updated annually, identifies the various programs and services the Department of Human Services offers to New Jersey residents, caregivers and advocates.