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570 Broad Street, Suite 702
Newark, NJ 07102


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phone: (973) 642-8100 
fax: (973) 642-8080
toll-free in NJ: (800) 654-SPAN (7726)

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SPAN’s Confidentiality Policy

SPAN’s Confidentiality Policy is designed to safeguard sensitive information about the families we serve.  The protection and handling of confidential information received from families is vital to the work of the entire organization.  Individuals with access to confidential information are required to maintain confidentiality and exercise caution when discussing sensitive matters or handling physical and digital documents.  Access to confidential information is limited to individuals with a clear “need to know” or who require it to assist the family or perform their job duties.

Sharing or disclosing confidential information to unauthorized parties is prohibited.  Any information about families is released to outside sources only with the written consent of the family, or when authorized by the Executive Director, and as required by law1.

1Pursuant to our contracts with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the N.J. Departments of Education, Health and Senior Services, and Human Services, SPAN Board members, staff, and volunteers are subject to the provisions of HIPAA and FERPA.

 Updated 2024