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Authors’ Corner

SPAN’s talented and experienced staff regularly share their expertise through various publications and other media. They have written online and print newsletters, blogs, op eds, press releases, and other professional pieces. Many have also been interviewed for articles and media broadcasts.

SPAN is proud of the work its staff has created to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise while furthering our mission of promoting advocacy and spreading awareness!

Pam Aasen, Director for the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program

Pam wrote about her family’s self-advocacy journey in “Advocating as a Family in the Community,” for Exceptional Parent. She also published The ‘Poetry’ of Parent-Professional Partnerships for Sound Intuition about the influence professionals have on parents raising their children with disabilities.

Diana Autin, SPAN Co-Executive Director

Diana has multiple publications and interviews on her CV (too long to list all here), including this series of discussions (CLIP 1CLIP 2CLIP 3CLIP 4) with Peter Marshall for CADRE, and more.

Garima Jain, Central Region Coordinator for the Parents as Champions for Healthy Schools Project

Attached is an EP magazine article called EP Role of Nutrition and Wellness in Healthy Schools.

Debra Jennings, SPAN Co-Executive Director

Debra has done a podcast with the SWIFT Center, a blog on Disproportionality, another with NAFSCE (National Association for Family School and Community Engagement), as well as a video for RTI Action Network. Debra’s blog was published by OSERS for their Age of Majority series, and she has many more items on her long list.

Nicole Pratt, Senior Trainer

Nicole was interviewed by NJ Spotlight during Mental Health Awareness Week in May 2017. She presented her family story via live webcast (at 1:16:36) during a national mental health event at George Washington University in Washington DC.

Deepa Srinivasavaradan, CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” Ambassador to NJ

Deepa writes about developmental concerns and tracking a child’s health and wellness with a  Developmental Passport in Exceptional Parent.

Karen Straim & Joanne Aidala, former Parents as Champions for Healthy Schools Project Co-Directors

Karen and Joanne discuss the influence parents have as advocates promoting healthier schools in Parent Engagement in Healthy Schools for Exceptional Parent.


Lauren Agoratus is SPAN’s most prolific author, with articles and blogs in a wide variety of publications such as Exceptional Parent (see below), Family Voices–National Center for Family Professional Partnerships, Autism Spectrum News, and many more.

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