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Montgomery Township School District (MTSD) lies within a Somerset County community that aspires towards excellence and inclusion for every student. The MTSD’s “Portrait of a Graduate” is not representative of any single pathway to success. All students in Montgomery Township deserve the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential, including students with specialized educational support needs. Success is defined as the outcome(s) most appropriate for each individual student to achieve “Educational Excellence.”
The Montgomery Special Education Parent Advisory Group (M-SEPAG) ensures that special education students and their parents have the opportunity to provide direct input to the school district regarding policies, services, and practices that impact students with disabilities and their families.
The M-SEPAG was formed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in partnership with Kristen Taylor, Director of Special Services, they are making great strides to effectively collaborate with each other. The M-SEPAG is utilizing the guidance and best practices outlined in the Special Education Parent Advisory Groups in NJ: A Guide to Developing and Conducting an Effective Group to assist parents and professionals interested in starting and running an effective group. Montgomery Township also is home to an established and active Special Education Parent-Teacher Association (MSEPTA).
This parent group plays a significant role in the district for both teachers and parents whose children receive special education supports and services. MSEPTA has embraced the work of the M-SEPAG, and these collaborative partners stand together in their very different, but important, roles each group plays in the district.
The very teamwork and collaboration that are at the core of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) are reflective in the engagement of parents, community leaders, and school district staff in Montgomery Township. Collaborative teamwork is setting the tone for meaningful parental input to the school district with the opportunity for system-level and community change.
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