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The Mi Casa es Puebla Parent Support is a once-a-month daytime Spanish support group for parents of children with disabilities. This group began over 2 years ago as an answer to a need among the Hispanic community of Passaic. The group is a collaboration between its dedicated participants, the NJ Statewide Parent to Parent, and Mi Casa es Puebla.

During the first year the group met strictly as a support group. Participants would meet and support each other by sharing their stories and resources. The group participants decided that they needed to step it up and educate themselves to better support their children and their community. With the help of the Parent to Parent NJ and the START-EPSD Parent Group Specialist, the group began to include a mini-training on various disability and special education related topics in their monthly meetings.

The group participants are not only part of this group, but also part of various community groups in addition to their SEPAGs. These dedicated parents have made a true commitment that goes beyond their families . They support and empower each other…they attend other trainings…they express their concerns. Each participant has grown in their own way. They exemplify the Parent to Parent NJ motto: “Parents helping parents…it’s a simple concept that works!”

*A special thank you to Mi Casa es Puebla for supporting this group and the entire Passaic community. Download their brochure.Grupo Mi Casa es Puebla brochure

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