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For Immediate Release

Date: October 13, 2022

To: SPAN EmployeesBORA

SPAN Stakeholders – Distribution SPAN Board of Directors

From: John Morel, President, SPAN Board of Directors

Subject: Carolyn Hayer – Promotion to Executive Director

Most of you are aware that Executive Director, Diana Autin made the decision earlier this year to step down from her position effective at the end of 2022. She will stay on at SPAN in a part-time and advisory capacity, but her decision led the Board to conduct a national search for her replacement. As it turned out, the perfect Executive Director for 2023 and beyond was already a part of our current Leadership Team. 

The SPAN Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of Carolyn Hayer to serve as SPAN’s next Executive Director. Carolyn is the personification of SPAN’s vision, mission, and values. She first came to SPAN for help when her children were young, then became a volunteer, and then a part-time staffer. Over the past twenty years, she has served as the Co-Director of SPAN’s Parent Training and Information Center, the Director of Parent-Professional Development, and most recently the Senior Director of National and Regional Programs, including Director of the National Center for Parent Information and Resources.

Carolyn and Diana will serve as Executive Co-Directors of SPAN until January 1, at which time Carolyn will assume the Executive Director position.

The Board would like to offer it’s sincere thanks to Diana for her 28 years of service to SPAN and wish her well in her next stage of her life, which of course will include her continued passionate service to children and families. During Diana’s tenure, she led the growth of SPAN into an organization that few would have envisioned when she originally assumed the role. We are pleased that Diana will continue to work at SPAN on projects that provide capacity building and support to Parent Centers and Family to Family Health Information Centers.

We believe that Carolyn is the perfect leader to succeed Diana in this next period of SPAN’s evolution and look forward to providing all of the support she has earned and deserves. Thank you for your support of Carolyn as she leads SPAN into the future!

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