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OSEP English to Spanish Glossary of Terms

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Welcome to the 3rd Edition of the OSEP Glossary of Spanish Translations of Common IDEA Terms.  Our first edition resulted from a year-long collaboration among a group of experienced translators from parent centers who worked with families with children with disabilities representing the majority of Spanish speaking cultures in the western hemisphere and also Spain.  That edition included some 200 plus terms, primarily from IDEA Part B and has received more than 20,900 visits on the Web.

In developing this 2nd Edition, the team of reviewers collected feedback from first edition users, and culled a list of an additional 200 terms from the Part C Regulations promulgated in the fall of 2012. Through hours of meetings and analysis, using teleconferences, webinars and on-line collaboration tools, the Review Panel came to consensus on translation for each of the terms.  In addition, focus groups were conducted with families of children who have received Early Intervention Services in the states of Maryland, Wisconsin, Florida, Colorado, New York and New Jersey.  These focus groups provided feedback about the list of translated terms, and their reactions and responses were utilized by the Review Panel to further refine the translations of a number of the terms.

In developing the 3rd Edition, the review panel analyzed and added new terms that were not included on the first two editions to reflect our common use of digital terminology and other terms. This edition also included an appendix with terms related to the transition to adult life.

The Statewide Parent Advocacy Network greatly appreciates the contributions of the members of the Review Panels, the parents throughout the U.S. who participated in focus groups, our Project Officer Carmen Sanchez, and also those of you who have shared your comments on the first edition.  Your thoughts, suggestions and commitment to informing and empowering families have helped make this glossary a practical and useful translation tool for families, Parent Centers, Part C lead agencies, state education agencies, school districts and service providers across the U.S. and territories.

Myriam Alizo Carolyn Hayer
Project Director
OSEP Spanish Glossary Project
Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR)