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Read SPAN Executive Co-Director Diana Autin’s comments in the May 28, 2019 NJ Spotlight article: “Feds Order NJ to Come up with Better Way to Resolve Special-Ed Disputes”

“The state has admitted this is a problem for a long time, and there have been steps taken with mixed success,” said Diana Autin, co-director of the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network.

“But we haven’t had before the US DoE give us 90 days to fix it — and promising to check back until we do,” she said.

Autin said cases exceeding the 45 days are “very, very common.” … “We’ve had parents where it took two years because of all the adjournments,” she said. “This is already a difficult and stressful time for families. We should be wanting to reduce that as much as possible.”

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