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Empowering Families and Engaging Professionals

In Unprecedented Times

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2020 Revenue Pie Chart

By the Numbers

$4,463,913 Revenue

SPAN is primarily funded via state and federal government grants. This has been the case for many years and while it is a testament to our ability to deliver successful program outcomes year after year, such money may be restricted and can limit our ability to be as flexible as we need to be in order to meet the quickly changing needs of our families and professional partners. A higher percentage of donations from individuals and organizations will allow us to broaden our services and more quickly pivot to meet the evolving needs of the communities we impact.

Our Impact

We manage and/or partner in more than two dozen programs at any given time that engage thousands of youth, parents, caregivers, and professionals each year. 

Individual Assistance, Training and Support

people in 16 programs provided with individual assistance

parents/professionals and youth in 18 programs provided with training and support

Capacity Building for Family Organizations

our response to technical assistance requests

Parent and Professional Leadership Development and Systems Change

participants in leadership training


contacts around capacity building and systems change



Information Dissemination

Individuals reached about our services

In 2020

Total number of parents trained

In 2020

Total number of youth trained

In 2020

Total number of Individual Assistance Contacts (parents and professionals)

In 2020

Information and resources shared


pieces of content information shared



pieces of information shared with youth/young adults


of the resources deemed to be of high quality

Key resources available in over 8 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Haitian, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese and Russian.

“We became educated and confident to advocate on our children’s behalf.”

– Michelle and Jose Perez

“I feel like SPAN has been right by our side every step of the way.”


– Ann R. Smith, JD, MBA, Executive Director, AFCAMP Advocacy for Children

“We knew we needed to find opportunity in the chaos, and called SPAN”


– Pam McCarthy, M.Ed., CEO/President
Vermont Family Network

Help us Reach More Families

More than 91% of our program funding comes from grants.

However, we need individual and corporate contributions to

help us meet the quickly changing educational, mental health

and healthcare needs of the most vulnerable families in our

communities. And remember, since SPAN is also a trainer

of professionals, your gift reverberates and can help

families across the country! So, please give today by

visiting our website at

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