Transition planning is crucial to increasing successful outcomes for life after high school. This workshop discusses issues related to transitioning from school to adult life. Activities and discussion to help identify interests and future plans are included. Strategies for developing appropriate goals as part of the IEP process are offered. Parents and students are provided with resources in the community they can connect with to build connections and ensure their child a dignified life as a contributing and participating member of their community.

Workshop Presentation

Transition to Adult Life (PDF)


NJ Administrative Code: Special Education Transition Requirements |  New Jersey Administrative Code Title 6A Chapter 14 APPENDIX D 20 U.S.C. §1401(34). Transition services for students age 16 or older, as defined in accordance with the definition of the term set forth in IDEA and its implementing regulations, as amended and supplemented.

Information for Transition Students, Families and Schools  |  Document from the Divison of Vocational Rehabilitative Services on the myths and facts of Transition for students

Statement of Transition Planning   |  Beginning with the IEP in place for the school year when the student will turn age 14, or younger, if appropriate, this tool helps parents develop the long range educational plan for the student’s future. Parents should review annually.

Timeline for 2014 Graduates to Access Services/Supports After Graduation  |  Outlines a sample year of steps individuals and families should take to prepare for graduation and afterward

Guidelines for Transition: Basic Stuff to Know  |  Tips and strategies for students and families, including rights during transition planning process, suggested timelines, questions for a college’s student disability office, preparing for a college interview, a checklist of suggestion transition activities and strategies, and much more

FAQs: Restructuring of Services for Children with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities  |  From the New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities

Transition Checklist  |  Checklist of transition activities to consider when preparing an individual transition plan section of the IEP. The student’s skills and interests will determine which items on
the checklist are relevant. Use the checklist as a guide for developing transition activities that should be included in the IEP.

Affordable Care Act: How Can Families and Professionals Help Children with Special Needs Keep Insurance Coverage as They Age Out?  |  Tip sheet provides families and professionals working with children with disabilities information on various insurance coverage options as children age out of programs.

Transition Workbook |  Book of inventory tool activities designed to help individuals with disabilities plan for transition and think through some aspects of an upcoming transition

Cuaderno de Ejercicios de Transición  |  Libro de actividades de herramientas de inventario diseñadas para ayudar a las personas con discapacidades a planificar la transición y analizar algunos aspectos de una próxima transición

Voting: It’s Your Right  |  Booklet helps individuals with disabilities learn about voting

Votar: es su derecho  |  El folleto ayuda a las personas con discapacidades a aprender sobre el voto

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