Families play a crucial role in their child(ren)’s reading development and support reading success in many ways: by spending time together reading, making quality reading materials available at home, and working with their child(ren)’s teacher. This workshop helps families support their child(ren)’s reading achievement, especially those who are struggling readers. Fun, hands-on activities and other resources to use with children are provided.

Workshop Presentation

Literacy Strategies for Families (PDF)


Questions Parents Can Ask about Reading Improvement |  Questions to help parents of children with disabilities who are receiving “special education” reading instruction gather information to participate in writing the IEP and work with their children at home

How Do I Know a Good Early Reading Program When I See One? |  Parent guide from the Department of Education

The Literacy Pages for Families |  Activities for families to do together that encourage important reading skills

Literacy Resource Guide for Families and Educators  |  Literacy resources available through the U.S. Department of Education, information on major national scientific research studies, and easy-to-understand publications with practical tips based on these research studies

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