Students who may be struggling academically and/or behaviorally can often benefit from early and intensive services and supports. This workshop provides information on resources and helpful strategies for use at school and at home to help avoid student failure. Information on multi-tiered interventions, including RTI, and student progress monitoring will be shared.

Workshop Presentation

Essential Components of the IEP (PDF)


Intervention and Supports for Struggling Students Workshop Presentation

Sample Flow Chart for Referral to Special Education

School-wide System for Student Success  |  Graphic of school-wide system success

What is Responsiveness to Intervention?  |  Parent Page from National Research Center on Learning Disabilities

Parent Rights in the Era of RTI  |  Document on changes to how students suspected of having specific learning disabilities are identified and found eligible for special education

Who is the Student with a Specific Learning Disability?  |  Parent Page from National Research Center on Learning Disabilities

IDEA Regulations: Identification of Specific Learning Disabilities  |  Addresses significant changes from preexisting regulations to the final regulatory requirements regarding the identification of specific learning disabilities

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