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A START-EPSD Inclusion Mini-Conference Resource Kit

PowerPoints & Handouts

What is Happening for Infants and Young Children in New Jersey?: What Parents Need to Know
Slide presentation from Adam DiBella, MSCE, M.Ed., IMH-E IV and Lori Sullivan M.Ed., IMH-E IV

Serving on Groups that Make Decisions: Personal Skill Building
PowerPoint can be used to help develop the skills necessary for meaningful participation in a group

Serving on Groups that Make Decisions: Understanding Data as Information
Slideshow guide for families

Comments from Parents and Panel Discussion
Hear parents “Speak Out”, sharing their thoughts and take aways from the April 2016 START Parent Leadership Mini-Conference in Atlantic County

Additional Resources

Positive Behavior Supports
8 Strategies for parents of children with challenging behavior (In English and Spanish)

Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences
Things to remember for your child’s parent-teacher conference

Success in Reading and Math
A National PTA guide for parents of children in kindergarten to 3rd grade to help them succeed in reading and math (In English and Spanish)

Common Signs of Learning Difficulties in Pre-schoolers
Fact sheet for parents to identify common signs of learning difficulties

US Policy on Early Childhood
Policy statement on inclusion of children with disabilities in early childhood programs

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