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What Inspires You?

Below is a collection of thoughts about the experiences, hopes, and dreams of those in the disability community as well as those who work in advocacy, as leaders in their communities, and as advocates for their children or for themselves. Browse the gallery and remember that “The first duty of love is to listen” (Paul Tillich). SPAN listens to you, learns what you need to help your loved one, and guides you from there.

The people at SPAN live what they do. We are a large percentage parents of children with disabilities. We go to the IEP meetings; we worry about how people will treat our loved ones; we think about what will happen in the future. We are parents, neighbors, friends, and caregivers. We are involved with our communities in making change, speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves, and helping others learn how to speak for themselves and their loved ones. We believe that “We rise by lifting others” (Germany Kent) in our work and in our home lives.