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A START-EPSD Inclusion Mini-Conference Resource Kit

PowerPoints & Handouts

Indicators of Inclusive Practice
Checklist for parents’ observation of programs and discussion at IEP meetings

Promoting High Expectations for Post-School Success by Family Members: A “To Do” List for Professionals
Strategies for how education professionals can support and promote high expectations and involvement of families for their transition-aged youth with disabilities

New Jersey Tiered System of Supports
Overview of the framework of academic and behavioral supports and interventions to improve student achievement based on core components of Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Benefits of Inclusion
This handout demonstrates how inclusion benefits all community members including children with special needs in early childhood programs

Positive Solutions for Families
This handout provides 8 practical tips for parents of young children with challenging behavior

Top 10 UDL Tips for Designing and Engaging Learning Environment
Universal design for learning (UDL) is a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn

New Jersey Administrative Code 6A Chapter 14
The NJ Administrative code provides the rules and regulations to ensure placement in the least restrictive environment (LRE) for all children

Additional Resources

New Jersey Department of Education NJTSS Website
Information and resources for New Jersey Tiered System of Supports—Best practices framework of academic and behavioral supports and interventions to improve student achievement

Drexel Autism Outcomes Project

Presenter Amy Pleet-Odle
Inclusion information &  resources

Strategies for Success: What Parents Need to Know about Quality Inclusion for ALL Children
Webinar and resources

Information about Starting and Running a Special Education Parent Group—Information and Resources
Tools and resources to start or support a parent advisory group

Special Education Parent Advisory Groups in New Jersey l Guide to Developing and Conducting an Effective Group
Offers a road map to help bring stakeholders together, suggest strategies to help stakeholders engage in dialogue, and offer best practices to help them work together to benefit the local community

START Project NJTSS Inclusion Webinar
Provides an overview of NJTSS and strategies for best practices, how NJTSS can support inclusion, and strategies from parents and educators using this framework support inclusion of students with disabilities

The Family Guide to Transition Services in New Jersey
Online interactive flipbook on the transition process, services, and supports in NJ

National Center on Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Information on UDL for parents and educators

Universal Design for Learning Tech Toolkit
Free Technology Toolkit for UDL and accommodations in all classrooms

The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities
Overview of Functional-Based Problems with resources for families and schools

Great Things Happen in Inclusive Schools
Activities to promote inclusion in schools

Swift Guide
Outlines five steps for schools improve inclusion, with links to practical downloadable resources

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