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Our Resources

In addition to the training and technical assistance available through SPAN's NJ Inclusive Child Care Project, there are other resources to support the inclusion in special needs child care.

NJICCP Workshops

Tell me more about the workshops this project offers!

The New Jersey Inclusive Child Care Project offers a variety of workshops in English and Spanish for parents and professionals through your local Resource and Referral Agency.

Challenging Behaviors

This workshop concentrates on how to use positive techniques to understand challenging behaviors and establishing an environment that encourages desirable behavior in children.


Early Intervention and Special Education

This workshop provides tips on navigating the early intervention system, and local school district programs for children with disabilities and special needs.


Inclusion Awareness

This workshop provides the guiding principles of inclusion, information about the laws affecting it, how children are more alike than different and where to turn for assistance when necessary.


Making Inclusion Happen

This workshop helps you understand how to teach to individual abilities and adapt activities to meet the needs of all children.


Observing and Recording Behavior

This workshop reviews typical child development milestones, observation strategies and how to share this information with parents.


Screening and Talking with Families

This workshop discusses the process of screening, screening tools available for providers, and tips about what to do when a screening is positive for a developmental concern.


What else does our workshops offer?

We also offer:

- Free on-site technical assistance and support at our conference board to child care providers, including family child care providers and after-school programs on including children with special needs. We can help you prepare to include children (or a specific child) with special needs. We can also help you effectively serve children (or a specific child) with special needs.