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In addition to the training and technical assistance available through SPAN's NJ Inclusive Child Care Project, there are other resources to support the inclusion in special needs child care.

About the New Jersey Inclusive Child Care Project

What is the NJ Inclusive Child Care Project?

The Map to Inclusive Child Care Training & TA Project is a project spearheaded by SPAN (Statewide Parent Advocacy Network) and funded by the New Jersey Department of Human Services. The goals of this project are:

- Increase the quality of early care and education for children with special needs.
- Increase the number of childcare providers that offer inclusive child care.
- Increase awareness among families, childcare providers, and resource and referral counselors of the Unified Child Care Agencies of the services available for children with special needs.
- Improve the delivery of services to children with special needs through collaboration among the providers of childcare services and special needs services.

What kinds of programs does the NJ Inclusive Child Care Project offer?

The NJ Inclusive Child Care Project provides:
- Free information (in English and Spanish) about laws affecting inclusion and child care (early childhood and after-school programs).
- Free information about available services and resources in New Jersey for children with special needs.
- Free workshops (in English and Spanish) on inclusion awareness as well as 'how to' workshops for parents and service providers conducted by nationally acclaimed early childhood experts.
- Free telephone technical assistance regarding early childhood and after school inclusion using our toll-free hotline and/or the Resource and Referral staff of the county-based Unified Child Care Agencies (see list)
- Free on-site technical assistance and support to child care providers and after school programs on including children with special needs.

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